Nikki Braunton makes prints that are snapshots, moments and observations about life. Things that happen to her or people she knows. They are everyday thoughts and feelings, which are comical but often have a darkness and sadness to them. They are about exorcising her demons.

Nikki Braunton's website out the bag_edited-2.jpg fish smaller.jpg of the day low res.jpg copy.jpg copy 3.jpg in the eye of beholder low res.jpg drinkers.jpg copy 2.jpg low re.jpg journeylow resjpg.jpg copy.jpg rendez vous low res.jpg my goatlowres.jpg smile.jpg storytellar_edited-1.jpg res.jpg lowres.jpg low res.jpg juicy oranges.jpg low res.jpg print2.jpg the dog a bone.jpg fish_v2.jpg higher.jpg over me.jpg to tango.jpg