Angela Brookes lives and works in Greenwich. She trained at the Central School of Art and London University and taught for many years before becoming a self employed printmaker.
Her printmaking focusses on the natural world and reveals her interest in the mystery of the landscape. She is fascinated by light, mood and atmosphere and the effect of the evening light has a particular resonance. Much of her work is inspired by her frequent visits to the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts.

Her preferred print techniques are etching, using mostly soft-ground, aquatint and spit-bite, often with two separate coloured plates, and she is currently working with dry-point in conjunction with carborundum, and with dry point and mono print. Here the drawing and inking can be more direct, allowing a looser, more expressive quality to her prints. She keeps her print editions small, often only 10, and likes to vary the wiping on the plates, hence ‘ev’, edition varies, and ‘unique print'., Saltmarsh (2) 600pix.jpg the Open Sea 600 pix 72dpi.jpg the Dunes ev 600 pix 72dpi.jpg Grass ll (1) 600pix.jpg Peaks 600pix.jpg, Winter 600pix_v2.jpg the Sea lll_jpg 72dpi.jpg the Sea lV 600pix 72dpi.jpg Firs (with snow) 600pix 72dpi.jpg shoreline ll 600pix.jpg Tide 600pix 72 dpi.jpg Grass 1 600pix.jpg Corn 600pix 72dpi.jpg Field 600pix.jpg Ridge ll 600pix 300dpi.jpg Mist 72 dpi 2.jpg Flight600pix 72dpi.jpg Tide Aldeburgh 600pix 72dpi for web.jpg Light 600pix 72dpi.jpg Before Dusk 600pix 72 dpi.jpg Before Dusk B&W 600pix 72dpi.jpg lll B&W 600pix 72dpi.jpg l - 1st pull 600pix 72dpi.jpg ll - 2nd pull 600pix 72dpi.jpg