Guy Butters joined Greenwich Printmakers in April 2017. In 2016 Guy decided to dedicate himself to printmaking. After 25+ years working in commercial graphic design, branding and communication consultancy in Edinburgh, London and the south of France, it was time to stop crafting other people's images and start making some of his own.

Guy's solar plate etchings and screen prints are based on his own photography. He uses both DSLR cameras and his smartphone to create images that range from rural landscapes to urban street scenes. The ways in which he develops his prints vary as widely as his diverse subject matter. But two things unify his working method: He wishes to share his vision of the world, to encourage his viewers to stop and look again. And he wants to slow down the process of digital/photographic image making, to make images hat that take time to make and time to enjoy.

Guy's website: diptych.jpg