Greenwich Printmakers was founded in 1979 with the primary aim of providing a permanent display of members' work in their own gallery. It is run as a cooperative, staffed and administered by the artists themselves who mount 6 exhibitions of new work each year, in addition to several other locations which have been as far afield as Canada, Germany, Russia and the USA.

We only sell hand-made prints, and no giclee or digital prints or reproductions. The techniques represented are etching, linocut, screenprint, woodcut, photogravure. engraving and monoprint. Click this link to the wikipedia page on printmaking for furhter information about techniques: PRINTMAKING

Please note that while we don't sell prints through this website currently, links to individual artist's sites are shown on their page and prints may be able to be bought online on their personal platforms.

For latest news of exhibitions by members and what's on in the Gallery please visit our Blog